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Premier Tool & Engineering, Inc.

High Moral Standards and Dedication to Our Customers are the Result of Our Success

Our company was founded on extremely strong ethical values.  These values are a tradition that continues today.   Our word is our bond, and we proudly honor our agreements.

We believe in growth.  But only if it is not gained at the expense of other values. Steady, internal growth not only enriches the lives of employees and ownership, it also increases our technical expertise which allows us to bring better products and services to our customers.

To Contact Us:

Dave Bourgoine, Co-Owner
Jim Easthouse, Co-Owner


Premier Tool & Engineering, Inc. is located two blocks west of Highway 47 (University Avenue) on 83rd Avenue NE, in Fridley, Minnesota.

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Telephone:  (763) 784-0169
E-mail, or Request for Information form.

Location of Premier Tool & Engineering, Inc.

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Premier Tool & Engineering, Inc.
160 - 83rd Avenue NE, Suite 106
Fridley, MN 55432
(763) 784-0169

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